Saturday, August 15, 2015

Explore Your Family Tree with FTAnalyzer 5

Genealogy sites and as well as genealogy programs like RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, AncestralQuest, Family Historian, and many others are great for presenting family trees, displaying your data in a straightforward graphical form. However, one Windows program allows you to really understand your tree, to spot problems, links, and patterns you might have missed.

FTAnalyzer is an open source tool for Windows which imports your data in the form of a GEDCOM file, then analyzes it by using a number of useful reports, providing details you might not have uncovered any other way.

Latin In Irish Registers

Latin in Irish Registers The Irish Genealogy Toolkit website has a helpful guide to translating the Latin used in Roman Catholic baptism, marriage, and death registers.

Catholic Cemeteries in Brooklyn

Catholic cemeteries in the Diocese of Brooklyn in New York now offer a search engine to help you find the site of a grave.Enter your loved one's information to get location information such as crypts / niches, section, row, and grave number.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Free Access to New York Records from Home

Free for New York State Residents. An agreement between the New York State Archives and website now gives New Yorkers an opportunity to save considerable money while using the site for genealogy research from home. Only NY items that have been copied to the website from archives are available. Free Access to York Records from Home

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Find Land Records for New York City

Search by Parcel, Block or Address to locate land records in New York City.

Find Deeds from Queens.

Digging for Deeds. (article)

Courthouse Research For Family Historians

Finally--the only guidebook devoted exclusively to research in America's courthouses. Full of essentials starting with preparation, interacting with the clerks, using the indexes, and what to expect to find in each courthoiuse office. But it doesn't stop there. Evaluating the records and using them to solve genealogical problems are included. For those who can't travel to the courthouse personally, use of the Internet, microfilm, and published books of abstracts are discussed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Book, American State, County, and Town Sources

No scholarly reference library is complete without a copy of Ancestry's Red Book. In it, you will find both general and specific information essential to researchers of American records. This revised 3rd edition provides updated county and town listings within the same overall state-by-state organization. Whether you are looking for your ancestors in the northeastern states, the South, the West, or somewhere in the middle, ""Ancestry's Red Book has information on records and holdings for every county in the United States.

Silk Scarf Painting

On Wednesday, December 9th the Local History Room presented the historic craft of painting on silk scarves given by Vivien Pollock. Silk painting is creating art on fabric with silk as the canvas. Silk painting can be traced back to the 2nd century AD in India when the 'wax resist' technique for embellishing silk was used. Silk painting in India reached its pinnacle of popularity during Moghul rule in the 17 - 19th centuries.

Celebrating the Holidays with the Dutch!

On Wednesday, December 2nd the Local History Room celebrated the holidays as the Dutch due in the Netherlands. Participants assisted with making dough for the Letterbanket cookies and they took home paper shoes filled with Dutch goodies.

Needle Felting A Penguin Program

On Thursday, December 3rd we met in the Local History Room where we learned how to needle felt a penguin.
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