Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preservation Week May 9 - 15th

The week of May 9th thru May 15th we will be highlighting our local history collection and how the department is preserving the community's history. Visit your library's Local History Room for a tour of the room and to hear how the staff is preserving your community's records. Find out how the Library of Congress preserves your country's history by clicking on the link "Preservation Week May 9 - 15th".

Silk Scarf Painting

On Wednesday, December 9th the Local History Room presented the historic craft of painting on silk scarves given by Vivien Pollock. Silk painting is creating art on fabric with silk as the canvas. Silk painting can be traced back to the 2nd century AD in India when the 'wax resist' technique for embellishing silk was used. Silk painting in India reached its pinnacle of popularity during Moghul rule in the 17 - 19th centuries.

Celebrating the Holidays with the Dutch!

On Wednesday, December 2nd the Local History Room celebrated the holidays as the Dutch due in the Netherlands. Participants assisted with making dough for the Letterbanket cookies and they took home paper shoes filled with Dutch goodies.

Needle Felting A Penguin Program

On Thursday, December 3rd we met in the Local History Room where we learned how to needle felt a penguin.
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